Monday, June 11, 2012

Part Two of 31Day Nail Art Challenge

Day11 Polka Dots

Day12 Stripes

Day13 Animal Print

Day14 Flowers

Day15 Delicate Print

Day16 Tribal Print

Day17 Glitter

Day18 Half Moons

Day19 Galaxies

Day20 Water Marbled

Day 21 Inspired by A ColorSinful Colors base Lets Talk Topped with Frenzy
Day22 A Song "Lil Wayne*HOW TO LOVE"

Day23 A Movie "SPARKLE" with Philip Micheal Thomas,Irene Cara

Day24 A Book "THE HELP"

Day25 Fashion "COACH"
 A Pattern

Day26 A Pattern "BURBERRY"

Day27 ArtWork


Day29 The Super Natural "DEAN,SAM,BOBBY AND CAS"

Day30 A Tutorial "BUMBLE BEE"

Day31 Re Create your Favorite Challenge "Day16 Tribal with a Water Marble"

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